Atlanta sod installation

Austin Sod Company is well suited for any size installation: commercial or residential. Our step by step installation process has been perfected and includes no short-cuts.  Not your typical landscape company, we are SOD EXPERTS providing the turn-key service you are looking for.  Sod Types available for Installation include:


 Zeon Zoysia  |  Empire Zoysia  |  Emerald Zoysia | Meyer Zoysia |           St. Augustine  | TifTuf Bermuda | Bermuda Tif-419 | Bermuda

Irrigation company in Atlanta

Let Austin Sod Company handle your irrigation project! Not every yard will need a sprinkler system but having one does make maintaining your beautiful new sod a lot easier! We can easily assess your lawn and irrigation needs during an on-site walk through and have you scheduled within days! All Austin Irrigation projects are handled professionally, locates are called, and we always maintain the proper insurance and workmens comp.

sod for sale in atlanta

We supply farm fresh sod to contractors and DIY homeowners alike! Our sod is always fresh cut from our farm then delivered to your jobsite or home project within 24 hours. We have a 3 pallet minimum and orders must be received atleast 5 days prior to your scheduled installation. Types of sod available to BUY ONLINE include: 


 Zeon Zoysia  |  Geo Zoysia  

Emerald Zoysia | Meyer Zoysia

St. Augustine  |   Bermuda Tif-419


Now offering Mulch Installation Services starting Spring 2017. While our crew is at your property installing the perfect grass and irrigation system, have us spruce up your natural areas as well! Offering Premium Brown, Black, and Red Mulch. We supply and install this premium mulch all in one day during your Turf / Irrigation Installation.

Austin Sod Installation Video

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