Hot Weather Tolerance :                      Excellent


Sun Requirement :          4 - 5 hours (Excellent)


Wear Resistance :                                       Good


Injury Recovery :                                        Good


Winter Color :                                       Dormant


Mowing Height :                                        1" - 3"


​Emerald zoysia is a fine-textured hybrid zoysia that is one of the most attractive of the zoysia grasses. It is well-suited for quality lawns where regular maintenance and care is provided. Emerald zoysia is less hardy but more shade tolerant than Meyer Zoysia. Emerald zoysia is dark green with fine leaf texture, high shoot density and a low growth habit. If over fertilized Emerald zoysia will quickly develop excess thatch. Emerald zoysia is also subject to winter injury.  Only use Emerald Zoysia for top quality lawns where good maintenance practices will take place. We strongly encourage only mowing with a reel mower and removing clippings.

Light Requirements: Emerald Zoysia is the one of the more shade tolerant warm season grasses  available in Texas and the Austin area. Handling as little as 4 - 5  hours of sun. 

Irrigation: Though drought tolerant, to maintain a healthy appearance during the hottest months of summer, Emerald Zoysia needs about 1 to 1 1/4 inches of water a week. On sandy soils it often requires more frequent watering, for example, 1/2 inch of water every third day. A light green-grey color and narrowing of leaves indicate that it is time to water. 

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