Hot Weather Tolerance :                      Excellent


Sun Requirement :                      5 hours (Good)


Wear Resistance :                                  Excellent


Injury Recovery :                                   Excellent


Winter Color :                                        Dormant


Mowing Height :                                        2" - 4"



With its adaptability to full sun and moderate shade sites, JaMur is one of the most versatile turfgrass varieties available. JaMur Zoysia is a medium textured grass, similar in look to El Toro grass, but it’s a lot easier to manage. JaMur needs less water and less fertilizer than other standard lawn grasses. Once established, this dense turf tends to choke out weeds. In addition, JaMur is considered a much-improved replacement for other Zoysia cultivars, including El Toro, Meyer, Empire, & Crown. Its attractive blue-green color is the best choice for high visibility areas, and high traffic residential and commercial applications.

Light Requirements: Jamur Zoysia has moderate to good shade tolerance but grows best in full sun. Jamur Zoysia can tolerate as little as 5 hours of sun per day. Jamur Zoysia grass does not perform well around the root systems of large trees so is not suitable as an underplanting in these areas. It would be best to plant an ornamental groundcover plant under a large tree.

Irrigation: Though drought tolerant, to maintain a healthy appearance during the hottest months of summer, Jamur Zoysia needs about 1 to 1 1/4 inches of water a week. On sandy soils it often requires more frequent watering, for example, 1/2 inch of water every third day. A light green-grey color and narrowing of leaves indicate that it is time to water. 

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